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Corporate Solutions

The employment market has changed. Today’s career-focused employees may change companies many times in their career and while this may be beneficial to the employee, it has some important consequences for the employer. It is good business sense to do all you can to retain your workforce. It takes time and effort to identify and train high calibre employees who will increase productivity and profitability over time. Employee retention is important.

TAKAUD’s professional approach commences with awareness campaigns and financial planning seminars. Our Corporate Solutions are tailor made based on each employer’s specific needs and requests. Whether a new Savings Scheme is to be implemented or an existing scheme is to be administered, we provide end-to-end service including employee fund strategies administration and fund management with access to a range of global, regional and Sharia-compliant mutual funds.

How do you retain your most valuable employees?

Linking employee benefits to their years of service or plan participation will increase their loyalty and reduce attrition. For example, the employee’s right to the employer’s share in a contributory scheme can be scaled over a period of time; if the employee decides to leave the organisation, he will have access to the scheme fund only after meeting that specific time period. Studies indicate high retention rates amongst employers who have implemented a savings scheme.

How do you attract good talent?

In building your human capital, you need to stay ahead of the competition by exceeding the usual market practice for compensation and benefits. An Employee Savings Plan will help you attract the best talent by allowing you to differentiate yourself as an ‘employer of choice’.

TAKAUD Corporate Products and Services

  • Employee Savings Plan
  • End of Service Benefit
  • Bonus Scheme + Long Term Incentive Plan
  • Actuarial Services
  • Automated payroll deductions and ease of customisation to your business requirements.
  • Full contribution flexibility (suspend, increase or reduce at any time).
  • Comprehensive access to a range of diversified investments including Shariah-compliant funds.
  • Reduces long-term employee cost through improved staff retention.[…Read more]
  • Protects your company cash flow while managing end of service benefit liabilities.
  • Access to a range of diversified investments including Shariah compliant funds.
  • Potential for capital growth and reduction of the cost of benefit provision.
  • Full online access to your Plan.
  • Option to place plan in trust for the benefit of employees. […Read more]
  • Provide a valuable investment and incentive tool for the senior management.
  • Segregation of the management funds from organisational liabilities.
  • Add additional layers of personal savings and investment as an alternative to the traditional bank savings deposit resulting in greater control. […Read more]
  • Understand your total end-of-service benefits based on your company’s own recruitment, staff retention and business plans.
  • Compliance with IAS19.
  • Provide assistance to maximise investment returns whilst minimising your overall possible impact. […Read more]