Manama, 5th November, 2017 – TAKAUD, the specialist provider of pensions, savings, and investment solutions for the MENA region, is pleased to announce that Ms. Claudia Maldonado will lead its important session on “How to make your employees love their benefits” at the 2017 MENA Pensions Conference taking place on 28 November 2017.

This session deals with effective employee engagement for business success, a subject that is new to the MENA region and which is headlining HR initiatives among leading employers and practitioners globally. Conference registration is free, with an agenda of significant interest to HR directors, managers, remuneration and benefits specialists and finance managers.

Ms. Maldonado is Head of Regional Business Development with Mercer Middle East and has spent 18 years with leading international providers in the areas of employee benefits. She was directly involved in the design, administration and promotion of employee benefit programs and headed a company dedicated to their promotion with SMEs in South Africa.

“With all the businesses I got involved with, SMEs or large corporates, local companies or multinationals, the appetite to employee benefits varied. Some employers took a paternalistic approach and provided benefits wanted and considered fair by employees. Other employers introduced “minimum” benefits to discharge a perceived obligation. There is a case for improved employee engagement where employers design their employee benefits as part of their overall HR strategy. And we have seen that improved employee engagement lends itself to improved productivity which contributes to business sustainability,” Ms. Maldonado said.

She explained that there is a connection between employee benefits and business productivity, but it’s probably one that most organisations do not necessarily measure. Few businesses consider connecting benefits to business outcomes and productivity.

“A growing number of employers recognize the importance of supporting the needs of their employees, with financial wellness as a core pillar of total well-being. These organizations understand that when employees are comfortable with their ability to meet their financial obligations, they are more likely to be productive and well engaged at work,” She added.

Ebrahim K. Ebrahim, Conference Chairman, said, “We are thrilled to have someone of Ms. Maldonado’s calibre, experience and dynamism to speak on this important issue at this year’s MENA Pensions Conference. We believe that the themes and information she will deliver can make a difference to businesses and SMEs in our region. In fact, it can also be of interest to larger corporations who are already doing the right things but who need to make the links to productivity and performance much clearer and stronger.”

Organised by TAKAUD, under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain, the MENA Pensions Conference is a regional platform for thought leadership and information exchange on employee savings and pensions, employee benefits administration and employee engagement. The Conference will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain. Registration is available on this link: http://www.takaud.com/pension-conference