TAKAUD Investment Strategies continue to post record-breaking returns for Savers

Manama, 24 July, 2017 – TAKAUD, the specialist provider of savings, investment and pension solutions for the MENA region, announced today that its Global investment strategies have posted impressive mid-year returns, marking a new 6-month high for the performance of the Company’s bespoke strategies. Leading the way is the Global Growth Strategy, which saw an increase in value of fully 9.91% in just the first six months of 2017. The Global Balanced Strategy posted an impressive 5.84% 6-month increase, while the Global Prudent Strategy’s 3.31% performance exceeded last year’s first-half performance.

TAKAUD specializes in creating and offering diverse investment strategies. These investments comprise mutual funds from a wide range of industries and regions, in addition to bonds or sukuk and cash. Investment strategies provide the diversification so favoured by modern investors—spreading a single investment among many geographical regions and economic sectors—and are accessible to investors at all levels. The Global strategies include investments from the USA, Europe, Asia and selected emerging markets. The Regional Strategies include investments from the MENA region as well as from global markets. The Sharia Strategies include only investments that accord with the principles of Sharia law.

Johannes van der Dong, TAKAUD’s Chief Investment Officer said, “We constructed these and all our strategies to take full advantage of positive market forces and minimize any negative trends. Right now, markets are in good shape and our investment strategies are benefitting. We are pleased to see our planning produce excellent results for TAKAUD customers.”

The TAKAUD investment team chooses the investments comprising the company’s investment strategies from among thousands of possible options. It shortlists the most promising and then undertakes exhaustive reviews of performance data, investment structure and fund-manager attributes, including in-person interviews and site visits. Investment Analyst Akshay Bhandarkar said, “By the time we make a decision on an investment, we know it and the people who manage it very well. We must feel confident before we decide to offer an investment to our customers.”

TAKAUD maintains continuous vigilance to ensure investments perform according to expectations. Investment Analyst Zainab Ebrahim said, “We monitor our investments constantly. If any should not perform, we are ready with high-quality alternatives. Our customers’ best interest is our primary focus.”

TAKAUD offers well-designed investments for savers at all levels, including Sharia-compliant strategies, regional strategies, the TAKAUD Bond Strategy and many other options. TAKAUD Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers are available to advise on the best options for individual customers.