Manama, 2nd May, 2017 – TAKAUD, the specialist provider of savings, investment and pension solutions for the MENA region, is pleased to announce its partnership with Mubasher Financial Services B.S.C.(c). Under the terms of an Agreement signed recently at TAKAUD’s Manama offices, Mubasher will make TAKAUD’s conventional and Sharia compliant Conservative and other Investment Strategies available to Mubasher clients online, through Mubasher’s award-winning trading platform.

Mubasher’s technology will now enable broad public access to TAKAUD’s carefully constructed strategies, under the Mubasher name. In 2016, all of TAKAUD’s own investment strategies showed growth, with the Global Growth Investment Strategy achieving a market-leading gain of 11.58%. The Mubasher Investment Strategies are based on the same sound investment principles. In addition, Mubasher intends to offer mutual funds to their customers upon obtaining the relevant regulatory approvals. TAKAUD will share its investment expertise to identify a range of high quality mutual funds to be offered.

“TAKAUD is delighted to work with Mubasher to make our investment solutions more readily available,” said Mr. Samer Khanachet, Chairman of TAKAUD. “The range of investment solutions has been crafted to match the diverse investment needs of Mubasher clients. I am convinced that they will be a popular addition to Mubasher’s already expansive investment offering.”

Mubasher Chairman, Eng. Mohamed Al-Ballaa said, “This partnership meets our objective of providing a comprehensive range of investment options for Mubasher clients. We remain committed to continually enhancing our platform; the partnership with TAKAUD enables us to achieve this.”

Mubasher intends to provide the following, subject to the necessary approvals:

  • Conservative Investment Strategies
  • Short-term investments with high rates of return, providing accessibility at short notice.
  • Designed for clients looking for a competitive return on their money between trades.
  • Global, Regional and Sharia-Compliant Investment Strategies
  • 9 strategies developed to meet the needs of prudent, balanced and growth-oriented investors.
  • For the infrequent trader, the Investment Strategies provide a managed investment solution comprising a diversified range of mutual funds that are continually monitored and reviewed.
  • Designed to appeal to investors who do not have the time to regularly oversee their holdings.
  • Core Funds
  • A range of carefully screened mutual funds covering different asset classes and sectors.
  • Will appeal to investors looking for diversified exposure to certain markets or who wish to take advantage of market trends.

The offering will be rolled out over the coming months.