TAKAUD to Participate In Islamic Development Bank’s Sovereign Investments Forum

Ebrahim K Ebrahim

Manama, 5 April, 2017 – TAKAUD, the specialist provider of savings, investment and pension solutions for the MENA region, will be participating in the 3rd Sovereign Investments Forum, organised by the Islamic Development Bank, in Bali, Indonesia from April 10 to 12, 2017.

The Forum brings together leaders and top executives responsible for Sovereign investments, treasury departments and pension agencies in Islamic countries globally, to discuss investment programs and opportunities, sustainable development goals and public-private partnerships. TAKAUD’s Chief of Government Business and Communications, Ebrahim K. Ebrahim will participate, representing TAKAUD at the event.

“This is an excellent opportunity for TAKAUD to learn about Islamic countries’ investment needs and share information about our technical expertise and experience in the areas of open-architecture investments and pension scheme administration,” Mr. Ebrahim said. “TAKAUD will highlight the great potential for Public Private Partnerships to work successfully for pension provision and administration in the Islamic world. The public sector is the first pension pillar. Its efforts are complemented by the private sector, which can provide the second and third pension pillars—employer-sponsored pension schemes and individual pension plans—to supplement the government programs and make pension systems more sustainable.”

The Islamic Development Bank is an international Islamic financial institution, which was incorporated in 1975 in Jeddah, KSA. The bank fosters the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities individually and jointly, in accordance with the principles of Sharia law.

TAKAUD, a member of the KIPCO Group, is the MENA Region’s leader in pension solutions. They organised and hosted the MENA Pensions Conference, a major international event that is scheduled for its second occurrence, in Bahrain next October.